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VC++ Tool: Visual C++ and SQL generator for ODBC Database, with source code sample


E-XD++ MFC Library contains all the features to create a ODBC database generator for your end use, it  is a powerful development tool which will be interesting for the developers which apply ODBC drivers to access to databases in their applications. You can view and modify any data, tables, views…, privileges etc. Its simple interface allows easy access to any Data source on your computer. Visual C++ and SQL Source code, generated by the E-XD++, may be used in your projects.E-XD++ ships with 100% full tested Visual C++ Source Codes, all the shapes of E-XD++ can be full customized, you can use E-XD++ to create a ODBC query builder quickly and easily. Below is a sample application on this:
It has the following features:

1. It can open a ODBC data source. There are a combo box that list all the data sources on your local computer.

2. Open a database data file, and create a new DSN Server with this data file.

3. Open the database and list all the table, views within this database.

4. Import the tables and create the tables on the canvas.

5. You can create links between any two ports with a single click.

6. Print and print preview the tables and relationship between them.

7. Export to emf file, Export to bitmap file, Export to Jpeg file.

8. Do other actions of E-XD++ by default.

9. All the VC++ Source Codes of this sample will be shipped with E-XD++ Enterprise Edition full kit.

Try Download this ODBC Generator Sample here.



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